Datadart Aluminium Briefcase Style 4 Set Dart Case

Every decent darts sniper needs a solid case to hold and protect their weapons!

The Datadart Large Aluminium Dart Case is designed to be stylish, super sturdy and securely holds 4 fully loaded sets of darts with 12 pockets for flights and 2 large elasticated netted pockets which will hold multiple sets of shafts or loose accessories such as springs, rings, flight protectors, sharpeners etc.

The lid is held firmly shut with 2 spring assisted flip down latches and the underside and edge of the case feature protective feet which allow the case to be put down without damage to the case or table surface.

This case will carry everything you need and more... what will you put in yours?

Datadart Darts

Dimensions (closed)  28 x 20 x 7cm 

Darts and accessories not included

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